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mosaic, workshop,ceramics,creativity,wellbeing
mosaic, workshop,art,sculpture,ceramic,vintage,retro,upcycle,repurpose,create
mosaic, workshop,vintage,retro,wellbeing,creative,upcycle,repurpose
mosaic, workshop,vintage,ceramics,upcycle,recycle
workshops, mosaic,creativity,wellbeing,vintage,retro,repurpose,upcycle,recycle
workshop, mosaic,creativity,wellbeing,artist,sculpture,upcycle,repurpose,art
mosaic, tile,workshop,art,craft,retro,vintage,upcycle,recycle,sculpture
Mosaic workshop outdoors with Mosaic Mum
Mosaic workshop outdoors with Mosaic Mum
Mosaic workshop outdoors with Mosaic Mum
Mosaic workshop outdoors with Mosaic Mum
mosaic, grout,vintage,ceramics,crockery,upcycle,recycle,art,sculpture
mosaic, workshop,shell,art,craft,sculpture,repurpose,upcycle,recycle
mosaic, tile,art,retro,vintage,sculpture,repurpose,upcycle,recycle

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Learn the Art of Mosaic

I teach the ‘direct’ or ‘picassiette’ method, where old, chipped and discarded crockery celebrates a new sense of joyful beauty!

My passion for making mosaics started over 15 years ago, at the hospice where I worked as an artist-in-residence. Among the many arts projects that I facilitated, one of the most rewarding was enabling patients to create a large scale mosaic out of vintage china, for the wall of the hospice garden.

When my four year arts residency finished, I set up my own business creating sculptures for home and garden, using found materials and objects, that I repurposed and embellished with vintage ceramic mosaics. Since then I’ve been running mosaic workshops and sharing my passion for mid century modern crockery and up-cycling!

The workshops take place at my garden studio on the Chevening Estate, a breathtakingly beautiful rural spot in the heart of Kent and are for all ages and abilities, either 1-2-1 or in small groups.

Create a Vintage Mosaic in a Day

By the end of my mosaic workshop, you will have decorated a simple 15cm square ceramic tile with a variety of vintage crockery, beads, shells, glass beads, vitreous glass and buttons, all of which I will supply. I also provide plenty of reference books for you to browse for ideas, and get some inspiration for your design.

Over the course of the workshop we will cover the following:

  • Planning your piece

Selecting a pattern, choosing colour, form and texture

  • Tools and Techniques

Using nippers to cut and shape the crockery for application and glueing

  • Creating your Masterpiece

Apply your chosen materials to your design and create your unique finished piece.

My workshops run from 10.30 am – 4.00 pm and include all materials, use of tools, a delicious homemade lunch and refreshments, 5 hours of tuition, as well as plenty of joy whilst making your artwork!

There will be a grouting demonstration at the end of the session for you to complete your tile at home. Information sheet and grout supplied.

Please bring any special crockery or ceramics of your own that you wish to incorporate into your design, especially if it holds sentimental value or nostalgia.

Previous experience of making mosaics is not required for this workshop but if you are already familiar with the process, there is plenty of scope to improve your skills by making a 3 dimensional piece.

Cost per person:     £ 100

Children under 16:  £ 50 (with accompanying adult)

If you would like to learn the art of mosaic, please get in touch and I will design a bespoke workshop around a time and date to suit you. We can discuss whether you would like to try the short one day course or spread your workshop over two days and make a three dimensional piece.