Large mosaic project finally finished!

Large mosaic project finally finished!
28th February 2017 Sarah Bourne
Grouting mosaic garden table top
Mosaic table top made with vintage ceramics
Mosaic garden table using vintage crockery, mirror, glass beads and buttons

It’s always a thrill to get to the end of a long term project and this large scale mosaic table top is no exception! The dimensions of the table are 8ft x 3ft and was a bit of a squeeze in my studio to say the least!! I’m very happy that it’s finally finished and installed with it’s new owners who are very pleased they can start using it, just in time for Spring!!!

The brief was to mimic my clients favourite flowers which included Daisys and Gerberas, as well as to use bright colours to enhance a particular area of her garden that needed a lift. The table top was to fit an existing table, which seats 8 people.

I used all my usual materials, including marine ply varnished three times on the underside and vintage crockery to create the pattern, stuck down with waterproof PVA. The overall design was inspired by mid century modern cut-out flower shapes connected with curved black lines for a more visually cohesive pattern.

I always feel the magic of mosaic only happens at the point of grouting where the designs burst into life and literally ‘ping’ once the grey grout background has been applied, pulling the overall visual effect together.


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